10 down

Who would have thought! I certainly hadn’t.


I definitely didn’t think I would still be doing this after 10 years. That wasn’t the plan, no sir. I knew back then that I was destined for something else. What that something else would be was elusive then to my young mind. Sure! But I knew this wasn’t it.


I guess in the ten years life taught me something. To know where you want to be before you decide to be somewhere else. Yes maybe that’s what it is. Before you decide your small little well isn’t for you and you dream of venturing out, maybe spend some time in the library to learn about the other well, hills, rivers and whatnot. Otherwise what the hell are you dreaming of anyway? Just not here isn’t a god enough reason to want to be somewhere else.




It’s 10 years down. Hopefully the coming decade will be more helpful in giving me a course. Or maybe not.


We’ll see.


Life is everything

That’s true, isn’t it?

But do we give it our everything?

Sometimes, actually most of the times, we don’t pay heed to anything. We go along with whatever is bothering us then and there. Work, Kids, Cars, Houses, Parents, Whatnot!

The Journey Begins

Chuck the title.


Opened this new site on an impulse, gave it a name, clicked on a plan. And it was live.

Even clicked to edit the automatic first post.

And now I’m terrified.

What’s this on going to be? Will it die a slow death like most of my other ventures? Or will it become a sometimes ugly, sometimes negative, but always mediocre collection of thoughts from my brain?

No, not another one.

This one’s got to be different. Please god.

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